Services and Spareparts

Safety and reliability are our top priority in every project. We provide 24/7 after sales service with 100% genuine spare parts and are committed to adhere to the highest safety standard, while also achieving cost efficiency. We keep breakdown time to the minimum.

Maximum safety – The best way to ensure our tower cranes and construction hoists run properly is to use 100% genuine spare parts from the manufacturers. We supply and only use genuine parts in all of our units.

Cost efficiency – We do regular maintenance on all our units on site and in the workshop. We replace all wear and tears parts so our units always perform at their peak.

Minimum down time – One of Potaindo’s commitments is minimum breakdown. We have 24/7 troubleshooter team and our extensive stock of genuine parts. In 2015 we launched an integrated IT system to handle breakdown 24/7 so all breakdown can be detected and fixed promptly by our team, keeping downtime at the minimum.

To consistently meeting our commitment of safety, service, and satisfaction, Potaindo offers the following services and supports:
•  100% genuine spare parts replacement from manufacturer
•  Maintenance and repair
•  Installation
•  Operator
•  Training

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